Can Your Customers Hear You?

Unless your organization is thrust into the spotlight due to a major event, it’s very possible you will continue to ebb and flow in the digital space. Some days, there may be a surge in engagement and other days, it’s the sound of crickets chirping.  

With so many brands vying for the attention of various demographics, which likely overlap with your target audience unless you have a very unique offering, having a consistent organizational voice and tone provides your audience with a sense of who you are and more importantly, helps to determine if they want to get to know more about your product or service. 

Establishing a voice may not be the first thing on your task list when it comes to promoting your brand, but if you want your customers, donors, or volunteers to listen (and continue listening), here are some things to consider: 

Who are you trying to reach? As noted previously, it’s important to meet your audience’s expectations for engagement based on where they are. While catchy videos, infographics, or inspirational text may be ideal for some, others may want a quick list of facts about your offerings.  

How do you want them to react? If your goal is to create a sense of empathy, urgency, compassion, need, or something else altogether, convey it 100% of the time. For your customers to become passionate about your brand, you need to lead the way. 

What do you want them to do? When creating a call to action, whether you’re driving the audience towards a “buy now” button or asking for an email address, be sure it’s clearly defined and there are minimal steps involved to complete the task. Don’t be like the grocery store – your customers know they want milk, so keep it near the front. That said, if you know they’ll likely want cookies, too, make it accessible without additional hurdles. 

What do you want them to do next? Some may feel the acquisition is the hardest task, but retention can be just as challenging if you’re not regularly engaging with your customers. It may seem silly to state this, but if you want your customers to stay, give them a reason to do so. Provide them with relevant communication(s) on a consistent basis. And more importantly, if they reach out to you with questions, comments, or concerns, answer them as quickly as possible.