Avoiding Digital Inertia

If your organization is now ready to build out a new online marketing strategy, it can seem daunting. Which social networks should I address first? How frequently should we post? How do we measure everything?  

Much like walking into a buffet made up of your favorite foods, having a large to-do list can lead organizations to fall into the trap of inertia. You know you have to do something, but may need help in determining a good starting point.  

First, take a deep breath.  

Next, focus on how your marketing strategy can be divided, not only amongst the team, but also by the action items and recommendations you want to put into motion. Once you have your strategy, break it down into as many actionable steps as you need.

When taking your strategy from ideas to reality, keep it realistic. If you don’t have a full-time team to implement the plan, calibrate your expectations accordingly. What takes one company a month to implement may take your team several months to do. Be sure to schedule check-in points to keep track of the tasks remaining and to address any issues. 

Likewise, if building out your social media presence is more important, reprioritize other items to allow the time needed to be spent on implementation, testing, and measuring results.  

Last, but not least, your strategy and the action plan that originates from it should continue to be a living process. Once the initial implementation is done, your work is just starting. Your customers are waiting to engage with you.