Dimple and a Smirk LLC

Dimple and a Smirk LLC

Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

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Angel V. Jones is the Digital Marketing Strategist behind Dimple and a Smirk LLC.


With a project/account management and consultant background, I've worked on a variety of projects, including technical and web application development, content development, email marketing, and data analysis. As a strategist, I've assisted organizations in creating social media and content marketing plans.

My professional experience includes working within agencies, internal teams, and professional services organizations to deliver a variety of digital marketing solutions. My background also includes extensive work  in the email marketing space. I'm always enthusiastic about seeking ways for clients to attract and retain customers using email.

An unabashed fan of documentation and processes, I'm ready to jump in to help customers define what’s needed. My healthy dose of curiosity helps in providing new solutions to existing processes and/or ways of working.

I'm a member of the American Marketing Association and affiliated with the PDX Chapter. I'm also a Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist.

I'm based in Portland, Oregon, with my husband, Simon. I enjoy spending time on the Oregon Coast, going to as many music concerts as possible, cooking and reading historical non-fiction.


Working with me

Making data actionable

As a digital marketing consultant with over a decade of experience working with a wide range of customers, my work focuses on being obsessed with data and developing email, web, and social media marketing strategies, creating content calendars, and delivering detailed plans for search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

My priority is working with small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Don't need a full-time marketer as part of your staff (yet!), but ready to increase your business by implementing a scalable digital strategy? Let's connect: angel (at) dimpleandasmirk (dot) com





The Process

“Let’s just buy an email list.” 

“Get on one of those freelancer sites and hire someone to do this for us. The cheaper the better.” 

“I don’t have time to deal with this.” 

If you’ve ever uttered any of those statements regarding the marketing of your business in the digital space, have you received a good, measurable return on your investment? More importantly, do you have an understanding of where and how the money was spent? 

To some, it may seem counterintuitive for a digital marketing consultant to tell her prospect customers to stop throwing money at a solution. However, before you throw up your hands and hand a blank check to either a consultant or agency or hire someone for $3/hour to take over your digital marketing, take a few minutes to think about the reason why you want to hire.


Why hire me to work with your business? I help you sort through what works for your business. From reviewing your analytics (web, social media, and email) to understanding your current ways of working, I start by analyzing your current processes and then provide recommendations, based in part on industry best practices, on how to improve them. From there, you can determine which of my recommendations can be implemented now vs. later. (I'm happy to help you decide.)

My expectation is you/your team will be an active participant throughout the process. In the end, you'll benefit from an external review that will help increase sales and improve your methods of customer engagement.